Rika Hagiwara



The 'Soba lover'♡

Japanese foods have ignited a boom overseas,Soba are well-known.

Yes, He is soba chefs.
As I thought, I like Japanese food.

We are the 'Soba lover,' (o^^o)
I think that it is very good that I am Japanese now.

Japanese dishes have been favored and have spread as healthy foods in the world.
I think It's important to learn about food to maintain a healthy diet.

Take good care!

Late-summer greeting(^_^)(^.^)

How are you getting along in this hot weather?

I heard this summer is an extremely hot than last.
Do you not have summer fatigue?
This is a country of perpetual summer.
But this summer in Japan is hotter than this country.
Well, Due to global warming, extreme weather events are increasing.
I'm worried about abnormal weather. . .
Anyway, Let's do what we can do with our utmost effort.
We are living life to the fullest now. o(^_^)o

Please take care, and have a great summer vacation!

A healthy diet (^_^)v

It is also important to use what has existed.
I can use a pot as a substitute for Japanese NABE.(^ ^)b

First, I will make Chicken meat ball.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

To put in grated ginger, sesame, vegetable stock, cutting long onion.

I make the soup for NABE.
Add simmer for 10 mins.
(whole garlic, red pepper, onions)

I mixed the three together.
That's very convenient.

Wow !
It turned out really well.

Add Vegetables in to a pot.
(Nira, Hakusai, Shiitake, Shimeji, Jew's ear, Komatsuna, Moyashi, Long onion, Udon)

Well done!
Good job〜♡

At the end,dissolve miso.
Miso is good for your health.
When cooking care must be taken not to boil it completely after adding the miso.

I think that is healthy.
Eat it before it gets cold. (o^^o)

A sweet scent ♡

What’s that perfume you’re wearing?

I wear a sweet perfume.
That is my favorite.
I put a dab of perfume behind my ear.
Then, my view of the world will change.

It's good for retaining skin moisture gel.
The skin being glossy with fine gold-colored particles.
Couldn't be better when revealing dress.

And This is from my Friend(o^^o)
It's new summer products.
I use that in different situations.
Various kinds of incense, have a different view of the world. . .

Let's always have a feminine!^_−☆

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