Rika Hagiwara



That was released.

We're shooting for magazine" JOSEI JISHIN" in Japan.
That was released on December 24.
We took an interview about that work.
I was able to speak freely...

Please watch over us with warm feelings. m(_ _)m

Many thanks!

After lunch(^ν^)

We only eat one meal a day.
So,We've enough lunch. o(^_^)o
I made tempura and cold soba.

I’ve brought this Soba from Japan.
It's Delicious&healthy!

Using this ingredient.. for cook Tenpura.

Wow.. done.

How big it is!
It's Judas's ear.

Add them to Soba soup. and shiitake too.

It's ready to eat!(^。^)
And then, We took a walk after lunch.

An outdoor cafe facing a sidewalk.
We love this place,and always come♡

O dear! He's deep in a mail.

See ya!(^ー゜)

Tuna♡>* ))))><

I like nothing better(^◇^)
This is my favorite restaurant.

Needless to say, "Tuna"means"Maguro".
Even amongst all Japanese food, We like Sashimi.
In this country,tuna and salmon are welcomed.

Wow!My husband ordered this.
From the beautiful,
Tuna meat is divied into three major categorie.
He enjoy possible part of tuna that he can.

This is my favorite menu.
"Maguro&Ikura Don"
White rice can make the neal.(^。^)v

The cuisine centers on Japanese food.
At home and abroad,This is just the thing for me.

Let's eat!(ゝ。∂)

An early Santa Claus☆

We went out without any definite purpose. (^L^)

I'm surrounded by lots of Santa Claus today.(*^o^*)
These stalls attract not only children but also adults who feel like kids.
I took a picture, feeling like a child again.

What is Xmas...
I will mentally return to childhood and do it all over again.

Incidentally, My husband is cameraman.
hehehe(⌒-⌒; )

Have a good one!

Let's take off〜(^_-)

The sea and the sky merged.
I took pictures from the sky.(ゝ。∂)

In this country, practically right on the equator,
it's always warm summer.

Let's take off your jacket.
We take a break frequently during his work.
I think that I want you to use more shoulder strength sometimes...

See you soon.(^_−)−☆





Have as much as you want.(^ー゜)

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