Rika Hagiwara


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Look back on history〜☆

What I will talk about today is my husband.

He was covered in the magazine GQ.
And He wear in formal suit today.
Because he decided on this.

Well, Actors always wear tuxedos to the Academy Awards.
Maybe, He've that kind of feeling. .Do you?
I believe he will become a world-famous actor and I respect him from my heart.
Oops! ( ˘ω˘ ) Let’s get back on track haha.

He isn't playing just the guitar, he's also playing a harp.
But He started playing the guitar today♪
Umm.. The concert is just around the corner.
And I'm looking forward to the album released.

Please take a look at it.


« Black nails ☆ | トップページ | Fall is here ^_^ »